Amander Clarke, Ph. D



Dr. Amander Clark, PhD is Professor and Chair of the Department of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of California Los Angeles. She is a key member of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research and Co-Director of the Embryonic Stem Cell Derivation laboratory. She is also a member of the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Molecular Biology Institute. Dr Clark's group was the first to map DNA methylation reprogramming in the human germline during prenatal life at single base resolution using next generation sequencing. This work exposed one of the most vulnerable time windows in human germline development, opening up new areas of investigation into environmental exposures during prenatal life. Her lab was also the first to use next generation sequencing to discriminate sex-specific transcriptional differences between male and female human prenatal germline cells, defining the advanced stages of human primordial germ cell development. Dr Clark's research is primarily funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, with previous awards from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Fuller Fundation and the Iris Cantor UCLA Women's Health Center. Dr Clark is a recipient of Young Investigator Award from the Lance Armstrong, a Research and Career Development award from STOP Cancer, a Research award from the Concern Foundation and a Young Investigator Award from the International Society for Stem Cell Research. Dr Clark is a member of the Hinxton Group, an International consortium of scientists, ethicists and policy makers for the use of pluripotent stem cell derived gametes.